Vocation education – Right choice for your Future

Vocation education and training (VET), is also known as Career and Technical Education (CTE). There are lots of career options in this course, such as manual or practical activities, and some related to specific trade or occupation. It is also called technical education as this course makes the learner expert in the specific course. Vocation courses and career are used one after another. Vocational education can be considered as a part of education in scientific field or something. Due to this vocation education focuses on theorizing knowledge and conceptual clarity and also on tertiary education. Vocation education is not available at lower level of study. It is mainly available at secondary level or post secondary-level as it is a course that makes the learner expert in respective fields. It mainly talks of skill enhancement. Vocation education was concentrated on specific trades such as mechanic or welder, till 20th century. Hence, it was related to lower social classes. As long as the labor market get focused on economic activities to improve skills, the governments and businesses started to invest in Vocation education, so that it make more experts and thus improving the economy. The funding was done by providing public funds to organizations. 

The post secondary level study of vocation education is provided by colleges, or institutes. The 20th century made vocation education diversified. The vocation education exists everywhere now such as in industries, tourism, cosmetics and many more. 

Online education

The online education has several terms. Which include – virtual education, education from distance, education through computer, and web based education. 

The characteristics of online education include

  1. It is different from one on one education system as the learner and the teacher are different.
  2. It does not have impact like a educational organization.
  3. The computers or Internet are used to provide study materials.
  4. Interactive learning through interaction with teachers.

This type of learning provides the content online, and gives automatic feedback. The discussion on real topic might not be included. The purpose of e-learning is more on learning the content rather than on interactions with teachers. 

Vocation education provides you the skills you need to perform in a job. Vocational training gives you practical knowledge and practical skills that are required in some jobs. The nature of vocational training is career specific. It gives you the practical knowledge of only the required field rather than wasting your time in other classes which are not going to help you in future.


Choosing a career is the most important decision of an individual’s life, as it going to affect your present and shape your future. As the world is growing in technology, it is opening new paths for beginners. Vocational jobs are secure and will be in the world for decades. Everyone who believes that they are capable of doing physical work and are good at something specific which is vocational as well, then they should pursue VET program and fulfill their goals.