Automated Bio-Banking

Bio-banks hold collections of biological samples and connected information. The advances in technology allow it to be now entirely possible that samples are collected, stored under appropriate conditions and delivered if needed. Bio-banks have multiple purposes, from preserving and allowing quick access to genetic sources, to helping scientific research being conducted easier. Bio-banks are mainly utilized by pharmaceutical companies and academic laboratories. Research organizations in a variety of fields have to store large figures of biological samples in bio-banks. Rather of getting their very own internal bio-banks, pharmaceutical companies normally delegate this to firms that are focused on automated bio-banking and sample management professionals might find the samples through all of the stages of bio-banking, ensuring they’re stored within the best conditions.

The automated bio-banking domain also concerns the federal government and academic and commercial organizations too. Each one of these institutions need large-scale automated instruments for preserving biological samples for any lengthy time. These biological repositories can contain examples of human bloodstream, tissue, plasma and DNA and become readily available for certain medical scientists to build up new methods for diagnosing and treating illnesses.

Bio-banking systems are made to store for brief term or lengthy term biological materials, including human, animal, along with other biological samples. The samples have to be properly maintained to avoid degeneration with time, given that they need protection against any kind of damage.

Using special software, the sample details are recorded in databases, to allow them to easily be found at anytime. There’s an automatic system performing all tasks, so automated bio-banking handles all sample loading and retrieval tasks. The sample integrity is assured by utilizing dedicated robotics for your specified temperature range. Use of individual tubes and plates is permitted by special sample cherry picking techniques that leave another samples guaranteed within their location. Dedicated software enables real-time video monitoring of sample storage and retrieval.

The automated bio-banking management systems are needed to satisfy rigorous standards for reliability, sample integrity, also high capacity. The sample libraries usually contain from thousands and thousands as much as millions of individual sample that need storage at -80°C or cooler.