How can you get ready for AIIMS MBBS Course in India

In an entrance exam for AIIMS MBBS Course in India, there are close to 3 lakh students/candidates participating to get Admission in MBBS Course in India, in about 1,207 seats for MBBS course, distributed around 15 AIIMS colleges/institutes. It has proved to be one of the most awaited medical exams in the country. The exam for AIIMS MBBS will be conducted on 25 and 26 May 2019, on an online platform, by AIIMS New Delhi. It seems daunting to many to prepare for the exam when just a month is left. 

Preparing for the AIIMS MBBS in the last month can predominantly influence anyone’s confidence and how they perform on the exam day. Here are a few tips to help guide you in your last month preparation for the AIIMS MBBS exam 2019. Although the mantra is to get your basic concepts clear in your head, solve as many questions on repeat as possible from exams/papers of previous years. Mock tests help too.

Create a Study Schedule
Form a pragmatic schedule for studying for yourself according to the final 4 weeks left with you, and you need to stick to it with utter allegiance. The time that is devoted to studying and preparing for the aftermost month of AIIMS MBBS 2019 might depend from person to person. Many previous year toppers of AIIMS MBBS tell that they gave 10 to 11 hours to studies each day in the last month, yet for some, it was around 8 to 10 hours daily. One needs to divide the last month into parts, stressing more on their weaker parts and understanding the basics as well. The value of the chapters too must decide the division process, after all, we are talking about Admission in MBBS Course in India and that even in an AIIMS institute.

Plan in accordance with the Subjects

The major subjects which are Biology, Chemistry, and Physics consist of 60 questions each in the examination you plan accordingly. The remaining 20 questions are from topics/subjects like Logical Thinking, General Knowledge, one’s Aptitude, etc.

There are reason-assertion questions in the exam as well, and it is required to have a good grasp on concepts to answer these questions. A Tip: in order to answer such questions firstly read the given assertion and after that the reason with a “because”.

Work on your weak areas by solving previous year exams and mock tests. Answer all those tough questions 

Chemistry can be the most scoring one among other subjects. Solve chemical equations, numerical, and theory part. Biology includes botany and zoology, so that requires a lot of remembering. For Physics one needs to solve questions on a daily basis to grasp the subject. 

NCERT textbooks are your best friends here. Go for external material only for getting a better understanding and conceptual clarity.