All about Cyber security for beginners

What’s a significant risk to a company’s data security? Hint: it has little to do with the tech. Instead, it is the action—or inactivity—of their employees.

Human error has become a substantially weak point today, one that is easily exploited by cybercriminals. Almost ninety percent of cyber attacks are caused by human behavior or mistake. Therefore, businesses must have some form of cyber security training and office administration certificate to educate employees on the essentials of protecting sensitive information and what malicious threats to look out for.

, a strong security awareness training program should cover the following topics:

  • Social Engineering and Phishing
  • Passwords, Access, and Connection

Phishing and Social Engineering

Social engineering is described as an attack based on deceiving users or office administrators into releasing information. Phishing, an attempt to get delicate details (usernames, passwords, payment details) from a person through chat, email, or other means, is a usual type of social engineering attack.


The primary reason phishing and other social engineering attacks are so successful is that they’re masked to look like they come from reliable, trustworthy sources—forcing a sense of falsified trust. There are some tell-tale signs to assist spot a phishing trail, such as typos and misspellings, links containing a collection of random numbers and letters, the email relying on a sense of urgency, or feeling like something is off about the information they’re requesting. Apply for cyber security course in hyderabad to know more

Typically, in addition to the office administration certificate, the employees need to be familiar with these tips.

How to Avoid Phishing and Social Engineering Attacks

What should your clients do if they think they’ve come across a phishing scam? Here are some best practices:

Don’t click! Users should never click on a link or attachment or reply with the demanded information if they feel like something is not quite right.

Report to the IT team or MSP immediately. If it’s a legitimate scam, reporting to the right people and passing along that knowledge may prevent it from spreading worldwide. Motivate your clients to forward the email to you to investigate or turn to you for the next steps.

Access, Passwords, and Connection

Use this time to go over the various aspects of the network, from passwords and access privileges to the network connection itself.

Your clients should be able to differentiate general users from privileged users, those who have higher rights or access above that of a general user. Privileged access is allowed to users who need to perform administrative-level functions or access delicate data. Every employee should know which level of access they have—meaning which information, applications, or functions they can and cannot perform and have access to.

Besides your office admin certificate, this information is vital for your job as an office administrator.