The Perfection for The Realization of Unconscious Bias

The personality resists the mass, but what if it can truly reveal itself only if it dissolves in it? What if the individual consciousness gains freedom when it abandons its individuality?

Spectators go into a small hall, where around a suspended microphone in several rows there are chairs closely to each other. Take a seat with the actors. Each viewer is holding a piece of paper with a replica that needs to be pronounced at a certain moment. Actors on behalf of their heroes tell stories of first love. Sometimes they turn to neighbors as if they were old acquaintances. One actress in front of me captured a long kiss on the lips of a girl who came to the play. You can join the unconscious bias workshop and have the best realization.

What The Options Come

When the microphone lights up, anyone can talk about their first love story. At first, the audience is embarrassed, silent, then the atmosphere warms, becomes more intimate. First loves flash with a microphone, strangers share forgotten memories with strangers. A middle-aged man gets up and, smiling, talks about how he met a woman in a commuter train. About 30 years ago they were in love, saw each other on a train, sat next to each other, began to remember, and the rest of the passengers listened to their touching conversation.

  • Everything that happens is reminiscent of a group psychotherapy session such is the play “Shared experiences. Leaving the room with a remark “well, this is love” I thought that the production, in spite of its unpretentiousness, touches an important nerve of our time. It dissolves a person in a group of people, combining his conscious with the collective unconscious. At the same time, the viewer does not feel like a spectator, but becomes a participant in a performance-session, he does not watch, but acts.
  • With about the same impressions, I came out after watching the contemporary dance-production of “All paths lead north”. Seven male actors work on stage their identities are blurred, there is only a consonant buzz of insects in a masterly plastic form. If one fights off the pack and goes to the front of the stage, then for a short while, the rest wait for the fugitive, the pulsation of the joined arms and legs continues the avalanche of bodies moves north.

These three performances 

Absolutely different in form, content and degree of artistry are united by one thing: the triumph of the collective, general, polyphonic. The actor’s voice (body) is not unique the universality of noise, noise, mass, the unconscious is postulated.

The modern world requires conscious individualism from a person. Your voice, your decision, your choice, your real estate, your personal assistant et cetera. A person is offered to buy hundreds of pleasures it is assumed that he is sitting in comfortable apartments, independent and confident, surrounded by opportunities, technologies and advertising. He looks at the results of his actions (in the social, professional or political sphere), but in reality he observes himself in the reflection of himself.

Individual experience is abstract, collective is effective

The individual consciousness has independence and loses it daily. For independence presupposes the existence of pleasures and opportunities to acquire them, which puts a person in a subordinate position from these very pleasures and their social status. You can’t buy anything if you don’t have a stable job, a high salary. For individual independence you have to pay a high price time, freedom, authenticity.