Your Knowledge in Automaton Electronic Systems Technology Will Start a Great Career

Your training at ITI College will prepare to work as a technician equipped with skills required for a variety of industrial and commercial settings. Your skills may also apply to other related disciplines. This will increase your employment prospects. It would be beneficial to your current career status to start training in a field that you’ve probably never considered.

Broaden your horizons and consider automation electronic systems technology training. There are companies and industrial firms in particular that use automation that require that their programmed electronic equipment do the work that used to be performed by people. However, because of the machinery’s complicated make-up, automotive devices frequently run into issues and problems that require the electrical instrumentation tech to troubleshoot and solve. The I&E Tech can repair and provide maintenance needed too keep the machinery running effectively. Automation electronic systems technology such as what is offered at ITI Technical College offer certification programs.

Attending ITI Technical College to get automation electronic systems technology training will assure that you will be well trained as an instrumentation technician.

On your job you will assure machine operation through the use of computer experience and technical writing.

The student that graduates from ITI Technical College can look forward to entry level employment in industrial and commercial electronic applications, capable of installing, maintaining an troubleshooting basic electronic equipment and systems such as industrial control systems, remote operated vehicle systems, home automation systems, alarm systems and video monitoring. It is a career that is in an industry that grows every year.

After graduation there are employment opportunities in industrial or commercial organizations. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics ( concerning the field of instrumentation technology, the BLS projected that the training of electrical and electronics engineering technicians will help provide more employment prospects. Long after graduation, instrumentation technicians will continue to work in the commercial and private sector, assuring the safety of electronic equipment. The training you receive will allow you the opportunity to work in many different industries. Students that attend classes there will be trained in basic engineering principles and technical skills. You will support engineers engaged in developing control and measurement systems and procedures.

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