LeapPad Explorer Tablet Review – This Season’s Hot Educational Toy!

LeapFrog have recently released the LeapPad Explorer Tablet. It is a kid tough tablet (think iPad for children) targeted at 4-9 year olds. It also has it’s own “Application Center” where one can download games for the child. This will probably be the among the hottest educational toys of christmas!

The LeapPad Explorer’s 5″ screen is only the right size to demonstrate the astonishing graphics which keeps your children hooked towards the huge library of educational games. The touchscreen may be used to control named however the LeapPad Explorer also has a stylus which is ideal for the writing games that LeapFrog allow us.

The LeapPad explorer appears like an iPad with it’s portrait screen and skill to download apps, nevertheless its screen is almost half how big the iPad2’s screen and also the LeapPad Explorer memory capacity is nowhere near the size of the fundamental apple ipad 2. Why is this kids tablet a champion from the iPad isn’t just it stops your children from stealing your iPad, however that it’s rugged, kid friendly and also the apps are created with children’s learning rise in mind.

We already have 100 apps readily available for the LeapPad Explorer and then any parent who’s ever attempted to locate a decent educational game around the Apple application store recognizes that the term “educational” does not mean your son or daughter will become familiar with from that game. Well LeapFrog have altered this. Their Application Center not just has educational games, but using the incorporated LeapFrog Connected Application’s adaptive learning technology, you can observe precisely what skills your son or daughter is focusing on, the way the work comes even close to their grade level and obtain suggestions on which games can help continue your son or daughter’s progress.

They have used popular figures (Pixar Pals, Dora, Ben 10, Scooby Doo, Disney Princesses and Thomas the Tank Engine are a few favorite featured figures) and combined all of them with games which help to construct your son or daughter’s math, spelling, phonics, problem-solving, geography and existence skills among other activities.

LeapFrog took the little one friendly ideas in the iPad and set them into this rugged educational made-for-kids device. How a apps are also developed makes learning fun for children in addition to educational and it is quite simple for moms and dads to watch individuals important learning skills!